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Waddeneilanden vakantiehuis -

Wadden Islands holiday home

TVTAS, or Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, the five Dutch Wadden Islands, are located in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.

The beautiful island landscape that changes with the seasons, the characteristic and often historic buildings that you find in the villages and the hospitality of the islanders is what these islands have in common. And yet these islands are all unique! The location of the villages, the rough nature, the home-grown products, the own dialect, the history, the shops and of course the variety of accommodation are just some of the things that make the islands different from each other. Are you curious and would you like to discover the islands? Then read on. 

Nowhere can you relax as well as on one of the Wadden Islands
To enjoy the islands and the natural beauty of the Wadden Sea to the full, it is best to stay on the island for several days. And fortunately, there is a wide range of accommodation on the islands! Whether you want to go out on your own, in a romantic couple's way or with your whole family, it doesn't matter. Whether you want to visit the Wadden Sea with a small or large group, there is something for everyone!  And everything is possible on the islands. For example, if you want to warm up by the fireplace of your holiday home after a wonderful day outside in the island nature, cozy just the two of you or maybe even alone, then that is possible. Or would you like to make use of the wellness facilities with your entire group of friends?

On the islands, between two seas, the accommodations are also situated in beautiful locations: in the dunes, historic villages or near the lighthouse. And always close to the sea, of course!

Hear the murmur of the sea from your terrace and sleep under the lighthouse light.
There is a wide range of accommodation available: luxury villas, bungalows, holiday homes, flats, B&Bs, you name it, it is here. Book your accommodation on one of the islands now and you will immediately feel at home. Start the day at your own pace, sleep in or get up early. Enjoy each other's company, take a walk, cook together and dine by candlelight. Playing in the garden, sunbathing on the terrace, chatting by the fireplace, that is holidaying in a holiday home on a Wadden Island! Would you also like to hear the sea murmur when you lie in bed at night? Or sleep under the light of the lighthouse? Then book a fine accommodation on one of the islands now!

Holiday homes in the village
The Wadden Islands have a rich history. You can still see this today in the villages: Streets with tall trees on either side, old houses with characteristic gables and cosy squares.
The villages on the islands are authentic and unique, intimate, but also lively. Shopping streets offer a diverse range, from daily groceries, clothes, souvenirs to island products. But the villages are also home to galleries, museums and a wide variety of cosy terraces and atmospheric restaurants. 

Holiday home in the countryside
Where darkness is still really dark.
When you say Wadden Sea Islands, you also say peace, nature and vastness, because the islands are more than just lively and historic villages. Would you like to wake up with the sound of the sea in the background, be able to walk straight into the forest from your holiday home or have the beach within walking distance? Then that is also possible! Experience the peace and quiet and see how dark the night can be on the islands (tip: Dark Sky Park Terschelling).

Holiday homes in the Wadden Sea
Would you like to enjoy everything the islands have to offer? Alone or with family or friends, with or without a dog, close to the sea or in one of the authentic villages? And if you have trouble walking or need aids for an adapted stay, everything is possible! 

See below for the possibilities: