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Are you looking for a fun activity on the island? Every year, you can enjoy various large and small events on the Wadden island Texel. Check out the overview of events on Texel below.

Another great tip to see and do during your holiday on Texel: visit a local market or fair! View the overview of markets and fairs on the Wadden Island Texel.


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Art Summer - VVV Texel -

Art Summer

Texel CultuurEiland presenteert onder de noemer ‘Kunst Zomer Texel’.

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Kermis Den Burg - VVV Texel -

Kermis Den Burg

Family fair with large and small attractions.

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Skemere - VVV Texel -


A recurring small festival at a special time: the twilight time.

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Sunbeats Paal 17 - VVV Texel  -

SunBeats Paal 17

SunBeats is the dance event of Texel where you can enjoy the best dance music with your feet in the sand.

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Day of the Texel Sheep - VVV Texel -

Day of the Texel Sheep

Do you want to know more about the sheep you see all over the island? Then come to the Day of the Texel sheep!

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Beach Food Festival - VVV Texel -

Beach Food Festival

Gutes Essen und Chillen! Dutzende Foodtrucks, Strandhütten, Sitzsäcke und Sonnenschirme machen dieses Outdoor-Kochfestival zu einem echten Sommerfest.

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Speedweekend - VVV Texel -


Roaring engines and lots of spectacle.

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Agricultural day  - - VVV Texel

Agricultural day

During the Agricultural Day you get to see as many aspects of Texel agriculture as possible.

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Meet en Greet Oldtimers - VVV Texel -

Meet en Greet Oldtimers

Elke eerste zondag van de maand van april tot oktober is er een samenkomst van oldtimers.

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HavenVIStijn Oudeschild - VVV Texel -

HavenVIStijn Oudeschild

What do you know about fish? Test your knowledge at the Havenvistijn in Oudeschild!

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Strenderpop - VVV Texel -


Small pop festival with lots of fun.

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Texel Fly-in - VVV Texel -

Texel Fly-in

Vliegveld Texel organiseert dit weekend de grootste Fly-In van Nederland.

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End of Summer Festival - Texel -

End of Summer Festival

Caraïbische muziek, reggaeton of Hollandse muziek: er is voor ieder wat wils.

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Sheepbreeding day - VVV Texel -

Sheepbreeding day

The annual sheep breeding day is held on the first Monday of September.

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Combined riding competition - VVV Texel -

Combined riding competition

Enjoy spectacular obstacles!

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Durper Tuinen en Straatfeest - Texel -

Durper Tuinen en Straatfeest

Er is een grote markt, live muziek en entertainment.

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Strender fish smoking contest - VVV Texel -

Strender fish smoking contest

Do you know how fish is traditionally smoked? You can experience it up close in Oosterend, during the annual Strender fish smoking competition of gurnard and slip sole

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Texel Culinair - VVV Texel -

Texel Culinair

Culinary enjoyment on Texel!

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Windfestival Texel - VVV Texel -

Windfestival Texel

With a little wind it will be a true color feast near De Koog!

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Texel Half Marathon - VVV Texel -

Texel Half Marathon

A unique running event with a nautical character.

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Texel Blues - VVV Texel -


Blues musicians from home and abroad play on small stages throughout Den Burg.

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Lichtjestocht Den Burg - VVV Texel -

Lichtjestocht Den Burg

Wandel ook mee met de Lichtjestocht in Den Burg!

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Nacht van de Nacht - VVV Texel -

Nacht van de Nacht

Leave the darkness dark and discover how beautiful the night is during the Night of the Night on Texel.

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Gerrit Zijm cross MAB-club - VVV Texel -

Gerrit Zijm cross MAB-club

A 4-kilometre course filled with spectacular obstacles.

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Arrival of Sinterklaas - VVV Texel -

Arrival of Sinterklaas

Sint and his Pieten arrive during the general entry with the steamer in the harbor of Oudeschild.

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Ouwe Sunderklaas - VVV Texel -

Ouwe Sunderklaas

The age-old, but very much alive tradition: Ouwe Sunderklaas has nothing to do with Sinterklaas

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New Year’s Dip - VVV Texel -

New Year’s Dip

Start the New Year feeling refreshed! A merry dip in the North Sea is surely the best way to begin the New Year.

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Half-marathon De Waal - VVV Texel -

Half-marathon De Waal

This running race over 6, 10 or 21.1 kilometers takes the participants via the most beautiful roads through the polder area near the village of De Waal.

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Lambs walking tour - VVV Texel -

Lambs walking tour

Along the way you will encounter sheep with lambs in the meadow. You will also pass sheep pens and garden walls.

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De Zestig van Texel - VVV Texel -

De Zestig van Texel

De mooiste en zwaarste punt-tot-puntwedstrijd voor ultralopers en estafetteteams in Nederland.

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Staying overnight on Texel - - VVV Texel

Staying overnight on Texel

Texel Passport - - VVV Texel

Texel Passport