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Every year you can enjoy large and small events on Texel.
Too much to mention here. We give you a foretaste.


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Ouwe Sunderklaas - - VVV Texel

Ouwe Sunderklaas

The age-old, but very much alive tradition: Ouwe Sunderklaas has nothing to do with Sinterklaas

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New Year’s Dip Texel - - VVV Texel

New Year’s Dip

Start the New Year feeling refreshed! A merry dip in the North Sea is surely the best way to begin the New Year.

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Texel Airshow - - VVV Texel

Texel Airshow

Since 1980, the Texel Airshow has been one of the most beautiful airshows in the Netherlands with many international participants.

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Staying overnight on Texel - - VVV Texel

Staying overnight on Texel

Texel Passport - - VVV Texel

Texel Passport