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Events on Terschelling

Here you will find all the events of Terschelling in a row, such as: Oerol, Berenloop, Fjoertoer walking event, Rock 'n Roll Street and many more!


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Concert West Aleta Singers - VVV Terschelling -

Concert West Aleta Singers

The men's choir 'West Aleta Singers' was founded on January 27, 1974.

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Art at Church - VVV Terschelling -

Art at Church

Changing cloudy skies or a clear blue sky. No day on the island is the same.

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Zeesleepboot Holland West-Terschelling - VVV Terschelling -

Zeesleepboot Holland West-Terschelling

Dagelijks zijn er rondleidingen o.l.v. een gids over het schip. U bezoekt o.a. de machinekamer en de nostalgische salon.

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Kuiper Brandarisrace - VVV Terschelling -

Kuiper Brandarisrac

The Kuiper Brandarisrace is a sailing competition from Harlingen to Terschelling.

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Ring riding - VVV Terschelling -

Ring riding

Who will get the most rings and has the fastest time? Beautiful folklore!

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The Witches' Market - - VVV Terschelling

The Witches' Market

With pumpkins, broomsticks, lanterns and fire pits, the street is transformed into a true Witches' market.

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The Night of the Night - VVV Terschelling -

The Night of the Night

De Boschplaat is the first Dark Sky Park in the Netherlands.

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Sailors commemoration - VVV Terschelling -

Sailors commemoration

The annual commemoration of fallen Terschellinger sailors will take place in the Westerkerk in West-Terschelling.

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Kleintje Berenloop - VVV Terschelling -

Kleintje Berenloop

Kleintje Berenloop, a cozy and relaxed warm-up before the big race on Sunday!

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Berenloop - Tourist Information


Over the years, the Berenloop has grown into one of the largest athletics events in the Northern Netherlands.

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Tjazz - VVV Terschelling -


A swinging and versatile program for young and old: hip-hop, African, Caribbean, Surinamese, jazz, soul, blues, 70's rock, and much more.

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Intocht Sinterklaas - VVV Terschelling -

Intocht Sinterklaas

In November Sinterklaas and his Pieten arrive on the island.

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Kerstmarkt West - - VVV Terschelling

Kerstmarkt West

Kerstmarkt West

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Christmas walking tour - VVV Terschelling -

Christmas walking tour

Put on your hiking boots and be surprised.

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Midwinter market - VVV Terschelling -

Midwinter market

De Midslander Midwintermarkt wordt elk jaar door de plaatselijke ondernemers in de Oosterburen georganiseerd.

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Lichtjesmarkt- VVV Terschelling -


Lichtjesmarkt in Oosterend.

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Starlight tour - VVV Terschelling -

Starlight tour

Darkness, stargazing and awareness of what light pollution does to humans and animals. Experience the most beautiful night sky in Europe.

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Nieuwjaarsduik - VVV Terschelling -


Nieuwjaarsduik in Midsland aan Zee.

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Yogafestival - VVV Terschelling -


Het internationale yogafestival op Terschelling is puur genieten. Onderdompelen in een ontspannen yogasfeer aan zee.

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Spending the night on Terschelling - Terschelling -

Spending the night on Terschelling

Terschelling Challenge - Terschelling -

Terschelling Challenge